Our philosophy is to publish “Books That Matter.”
We are dedicated to publishing books that will make a difference in people’s lives.

Our goal is to provide our authors with outstanding service, a superior product and innovative and integrated marketing strategies. From consulting during the writing process to editing, book design, printing, press releases, marketing strategies, media kits, web sites, and utilizing traditional and non traditional media outlets. We are convinced that what creates success is a cohesive publishing and marketing program, branding you and positioning your book smartly and strategically to reach your target market with a consistent, winning platform.

Barringer Publishing offers its authors a very attractive compensation program and superior flexibility in printing, with superb quality and value. Our printer is also a fulfillment house featuring a smooth process from printing to mailing one book or thousands to buyers and distributors around the world. Because we are digital, the books we publish will never go out of print.

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